Punk stuck a safety pin into progressive rock in the 1970s. Will crypto do the same to the financial services in the 2020s?

The progressive (prog) rock movement boasted musicians of exceptional technical skill who challenged themselves to make each album more intellectually adroit than the last. Songs became ever longer, telling stories that were deeply woven around self-referencing philosophies, often involving wizards and dragons and elves and unicorns. Two minutes eighteen seconds of She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) had morphed into 31 minutes of The Cosmic Ponderings of the Celestial Eye at the Centre of the City at the Edge of the Universe at the Dawn of Time (Act IV).

Some people really enjoyed this. They had the patience to sit…

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Confusing entertainment with reality creates a soap opera

Look at this, look at this, he says, brandishing a forty year old horror book that predicted that a virus would strike at some point in the near future and it would come from a lab just outside the city where in reality it looks like Covid-19 first emerged. …

Trying to separate the myth and the reality of crypto

The discussions go around and around. The problem is that there are a group of very vocal crypto evangelists who are facing off with a group of equally vocal traditionalists. Some people on both sides are trying to have a rational debate but some are merrily flinging facts and slinging mud in equal measure.

For those of us that are only loosely associated with the space, let’s have a quick run through some of the main arguments.

The value of a cryptocurrency is based purely on what someone else is willing to pay, but it’s worth remembering that the financial…

Data’s great in the right places

Three of those things are great. Decent information to improve risk management and reduce the cost of insurance? Fabulous. Helping participants and regulators get a better understanding of the vagaries of the market to ensure a level playing field? Superb. Better medicine that will help us respond more quickly to the impending zombie apocalypse? Yes please. The fridge and the kettle discussing life, the universe, and everything? The first reaction is that I’ve seen both Marvin the Paranoid Android and the Terminator in action and I’m not sure that I want either of them in my kitchen.

For all of…

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